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Each day of the hands-on challenge will cover in depth one of the 5 steps it takes for you to massively achieve your goals in 2021:

Day 1. Understand the traits and qualities of highly successful people.

Day 2. Create a vision for yourself that turns your goals into achievement magnets.

Day 3. Define goals so you're always confident, clear and focused on what you want.

Day 4. Learn techniques and strategies for becoming a powerful results producer.

Day 5. Discover, confront and shed the limiting beliefs holding you back.

Act on the lessons learned from each session immediately in your work and life.

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  • 5 Days Of Daily Live Interactive Sessions: beginning Monday, January 18th at Noon eastern for 30-60 minutes of LIVE training, coaching, engagement and fun. * Recorded for viewing in replay anytime you can throughout the challenge.
  • A Private Facebook Group: where you can collaborate, engage, and connect with other like-minded professional women, as well access all of the replays, materials and more.
  • Detailed Challenge Workbook: you will receive a detailed workbook that includes templates, note pages, and action item call outs that will allow you to put what you are learning to immediate work in your business and life.
  • LIVE Q&A, Bonus Coaching and Training: powerful discussions and topics impacting your work and life along with answers to your most pressing questions so you amp up your results.
  • Daily drawings of Amazon Gift Cards, Journals, and Books awarded for your engagement, contribution and actions taken toward your goals.

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Here's what prior participants have said about the challenge:

"I have worked with Bernadette as my coach since 2018, primarily focused on my communication style and decision making, as well, as a sounding board on key situations, and more. The difference she has made is not only noticeable to those around me, but also to how I feel about myself and the improved results I see when speaking, and more importantly, responding and sharing information with others." Dorothy O'Mara

"Thanks to Bernadette and the Goal to Riches program, I am more focused in my time, I’ve gained clarity, and I am creating better, more well defined goals, both personally and professionally. Bernadette’s insight and advice are spot on. The program was so impactful for me, I made a further investment in my future by joining Bernadette’s Rich Accelerator coaching program." Mary Z McEneaney

"If things aren't going exactly the way you want, if you're struggling and know deep down that something has got to change, I urge you to invest some time in yourself with Bernadette. You are worth it and she can help. Instruction, accountability and rewards are included! All you have to do is make the commitment. Thank you Bernadette for this and so much more!" Robin Jo Molder


Hi, I'm Bernadette Boas, a transformation and success coach, author and podcaster, leveraging my twenty-five years of corporate executive savviness with my entrepreneurial spirit and know-how, so corporate and entrepreneur women have a partner who has been there and done that; having experienced the same highs and lows, challenges and limiting beliefs, fears and courage, missteps and successes in the pursuit of both my own personal and professional goals.

And, if I have learned anything, since leaving corporate and going out on my own with Ball of Fire Coaching in 2008, it is that you can't go it alone. You don't deserve to, but you have to be willing to step up and ask for the coaching, support, guidance, and expertise that will get you where you want to go.

I know what it takes for you to succeed in blending personal and professional aspirations, pursuing your goals through the toughest and best of times, and for you to create all forms of riches in both your career and life. Now, I want to share all of it with you in this 5 Day Challenge.

I hope to see you there.