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As the holiday decorations are hung and folks are toasting the end of this crazy year and the eve of 2021, are you feeling:

  • stressed out, overwhelmed and simply exhausted?
  • miserable in your job working on someone else's goals and not your own?
  • unsure, lost and apprehensive about your own happiness, joy and future?

I totally get it. I was right there as well several years ago, and for 12 years now, I have been transforming lives just like yours to chase their own dreams and create the riches in their work and life they deserve. So, let's do this together. Let's totally transform your outlook, outcomes and opportunities today and going into 2021.

This powerful FREE 5 Day Challenge will prove to yourself that you can:

🔥 Identify, pursue and fullfill YOUR goals and dreams.

🔥 Gain the clarity, focus, confidence and determination you want.

🔥 Eliminate your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.

🔥 Overcome the imposture syndrome and realize your true worth.

🔥 Attract abundance and all of life's riches into your life.



I'm Bernadette Boas, the founder of Ball of Fire Coaching, Coach of our popular Shift to Rich Accelerator and Goals to Riches Programs, Author of Shedding the Corporate Bitch - Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business, and Creator of the Shedding the Bitch podcast.

As a woman, and both a 25-year corporate executive and now entrepreneur, I have been there and done that. I know exactly what you are going through and what it is going to take to change it. So, I am excited about sharing my strategies, lessons, experiences and practices with you.

I have a very special invitation to our Goals to Riches Challenge starting December 7th.

It's not for everyone BUT it might be for you!

This Challenge is for corporate and entrepreneur women who:

  • Have lost themselves in everyone else's needs and goals.
  • Whose heart and mind is kicking and screaming for new, different, bigger and better!
  • Have realized that life is so much more than working hard, acquiring possessions and earning money!
  • Truly believes they are capable of achieving their dreams and goals but have 'blindspots' and limiting beliefs holding them back!
  • Have their inner spirit signaling to them that it's time to put themselves first and to take care of ME!

This is a FUN, ENGAGING, and RESULTS ORIENTED Challenge.

At the same time, you'll need to be open to new ideas, trying new things, ... taking that first step in believing you deserve to chase and achieve your dreams, and that YOU can create riches in your life.

Having coached hundreds of corporate and entrepreneur professional women, I know it is not always comfortable or easy to get started, but I have been honored to be part of signficant transformations in my clients lives, and will be there every step of the way for you. I know these strategies work and that you can be apply to your work and life IMMEDIATELY.

So… if you have ever wanted to prove to yourself that you are worth it, this Challenge is for you!

If this sounds like you... you're going to love the 5-Day Goals to Riches Challenge!

Jump in and join us on December 7th! I will be honored to part of your journey!

I'll see you there!


Don't miss out. Start creating the riches in life you deserve today!


Here's what prior participants have said about the challenge:

"I have worked with Bernadette as my coach since 2018, primarily focused on my communication style and decision making, as well, as a sounding board on key situations, and more. The difference she has made is not only noticeable to those around me, but also to how I feel about myself and the improved results I see when speaking, and more importantly, responding and sharing information with others." Dorothy O'Mara

"Thanks to Bernadette and the Goal to Riches Blueprint program, I am more focused in my time, I’ve gained clarity, and I am creating better, more well defined goals, both personally and professionally. Bernadette’s insight and advice are spot on. The program was so impactful for me, I made a further investment in my future by joining Bernadette’s Rich Accelerator coaching program." Mary Z McEneaney

"If things aren't going exactly the way you want, if you're struggling and know deep down that something has got to change, I urge you to invest some time in yourself with Bernadette. You are worth it and she can help. Instruction, accountability and rewards are included! All you have to do is make the commitment. Thank you Bernadette for this offering and so much more!" Robin Jo Molder

"Wow, thank you!!! I am finding the workbook very helpful and gained much insight from you!!" Mary Hayes-Kaminsky


A bit about me, Bernadette Boas

As a leadership transformation and success coach, I have been known for creating significant transformations in individuals, teams and businesses with their powerful Shift to Riches coaching and training programs.

I've been where many female professionals are; lost, stressed out, overwhelmed and burned out, miserable with where they are and screaming inside to discover their true purpose and worth in the world.

Within my business, Ball of Fire Coaching, I leverage all of my experiences as a twenty-five year corporate executive, a spirited entrepreneur building a successful business, and a woman discovering and transforming herself, every day, to be the woman, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, lover, and business woman, I now, know I am meant to be.

My been there-done that, and results-oriented approach provides my clients new, fresh, creative and powerful strategies, tips, tools, and guidance to overcome their own challenges, discover their true strength, courage and beauty within, and apply those learnings into enriching their families, teams, businesses and self.

In 2011, I became an author, when I penned my apology to my family, friends and colleagues, for the years of wreaking havoc on myself and the world, in my first book and memoir; Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business, and have since used those lessons, blessings, gifts and experiences in my work with small to corporate size clients around the world. It also provoked the popular radio /podcast, Shedding the Bitch, that aims to inspire, educate and entertain women toward creating riches in their own lives. Learn more at